The Firelight Collection by SSEK JEWELRY

The Blue Pansy

The Plain Nawab

The Redspot Sawtooth

Tammy Ye has a diploma, a major, dabbled in marketing and is the drummer of hip hop rock band, WhileTheKidsAreSurreal. But Tammy is above all a self-taught accessory designer, and little by little she realized she wanted to make a living from her craft. “I soon realised that creating jewelry offers a sense of honest expression that is hard to find. It is akin to creating music—when the world around is distilled within a person and recast into medleys of sounds, textures, colours and emotions.”

In 2014 Tammy decides to start her own brand, SSEK JEWELRY. “For practical reasons, it was created to inject vibrant layers into society’s fashion— to pull together outfits suitable for our climate with a pop of colour, texture, and art. It also served as an outlet to express and translate nature’s canvases into something wearable. To bridge the gap between nature’s colour palette and the latest trends.”

About The Firelight Collection: “This season, we chose the subject of butterflies as they have inspired a plethora of folktales and stories through countless generations and lands. The butterfly has endured through time as an emblem of the soul and of unconscious attraction towards light. The late Dr Elizabeth Caspari noted in her research that “its fluttering motion suggested the flicker of firelight. We selected three South East Asian butterflies for this collection: The Blue Pansy, The Plain Nawab and The Redspot Sawtooth and every piece of jewelry was inspired by the complementary colour palettes of these butterflies—translated into semi precious stones, delicate coloured beads and structures, mimicking the flutter of a butterfly.”

Hop over to the SSEK website to view the rest of the collection.



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