Spotted! Six Rolling Wheels

Before Six Rolling Wheels, cyclists had a raw deal when it came to cool caps. And then Frenchescar Lim came along, found a gap in the market, started her own label and made a lot of her cycling buddies very happy in the process.

Made from a lightweight fast drying cotton, the SRW cap stays true to the original design but they’ve added a few extra touches. The fabric is windproof and breathable, has modern, bold lines and sweet prints, and fits easily underneath your helmet.

“The label was born out of a desire to create my own cycling caps – mainly because the ones I used to buy online were so pricey. Cycling caps have always been an integral part of my riding gear. It’s the one accessory that’s functional (my fellow avid cyclists would surely agree!), and has the potential to be fashionable. In 2013, after completing a sewing course, I took the plunge and kicked off SRW as a pet project. When friends began requesting for caps for themselves (and their kids), and were willing to pay for them, I realised that I could fill the gap in this niche market.”



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