The Nomadic Collection by Stelliyah

Launched in 2012, Stelliyah is a subtly narrative jewellery brand fusing founders Daryl and Stella’s combined years of experience in the disciplines of design, metalsmith and fashion photography. Intricate and gorgeously constructed, the collections reflect designer Stella’s ancient metalsmith techniques which she picked up at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City.

For the Nomadic Collection, the duo takes cues from the Nomadic tribes, particularly from the Northern region of Africa.

“The collection takes its form and structure from the constantly shifting and evolving nature of the Nomads. In spite of their ever shifting nature, the traveling tribes have always upheld certain elements or beliefs that are essential to the survival of their livelihood as well as their culture. Every piece in the collection is made with the tribal belief that the embellishment of jewelry serves more than just an aesthetic purpose, but is also a call to empowerment as symbols of societal honor and strength. The collection is handcrafted entirely in solid sterling silver by skilled artisans using age-old metalsmith techniques to ensure the highest of quality in each piece.”

The Nomadic Collection is  available in the web store and at the Stelliyah showroom, 237C Joo Chiat Road.



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