Spotted! ONE+ONE

Founded by (today’s birthday girl) Veron Lien in 2014, ONE+ONE’s express aim was to produce hand-crafted timeless style pieces using traditional techniques and carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Throughout her journey towards bag designer Veron’s been easily and perpetually inspired by the organic shapes, colours, textures and styles of the natural and man-made world.

We had the chance to talk to Veron about her processes, obstacles, and thoughts along her road to present day.

How it all started …

“I studied Graphic Design in London, and graduated from Central Saint Martins (UAL) with a Master’s degree in Design Studies. After graduation, I immersed myself in creative circles in England and Germany, where I lived for eleven years, gaining extensive experience through my work for publishing houses, design agencies, and via private commissions. Using my creativity to design my label had been an ambition for many years, but like many people with dreams I had other priorities too, so my focus needed to change before I could make it happen. I remember clearly when the dream started to become a reality. At a social gathering one Friday night, a friend and I got talking about ways in which design can be used to inspire and bring joy to others. We found we shared a vision, and wanted to share our own designs with those who appreciate creative simplicity with a hint of traditional workmanship. That is when it all began, though it took a couple of months for our concept to materialize. One 1 was me; the other 1 was my friend. Some months later 1+1 become just ONE as my friend received an exciting opportunity to pursue a different dream. That is when I realised how important it was for me to make it happen anyway – 1 + 1 step at a time.”

A design concept with heart …

“I want ONE+ONE to be beneficial not only to me, but also to those who buy and use my designs – and to society. When someone purchases my craftwork, not only does my dream become a reality, it becomes part of their reality too – and a reminder that we each have the power and the choice to make a positive difference. 30% of each person’s net contribution to my craftwork will be donated to a charitable organization. No fixed charity or organization will be affiliated as I believe whoever is genuinely in need should have the chance to receive a helping hand from ONE+ONE.”

Happy birthday Veron!



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