Kingdom of Singapura by Suhaila Aris

Suhaila Aris is a visual communication graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) NTU with a soft spot for patterns and geometry. Kingdom of Singapura is her final year project and tells an alternate story of Singapore based on the country’s early history.

“It imagines a Singapore where citizens have a common cultural identity to call their own. It is a presentation of a fictional but plausible nation that showcases vignettes of blending Singapore’s early history and imagined present into a unique cultural identity. This project tells a fictional story of Singapore that are based on facts from its early history—from the 12th century onwards. It creates a whole new culture by blending the different people of the nation together as one—inspired from the Peranakan culture. Kingdom of Singapura is a project which not only viewers learn and imagine Singapore’s past, but also, imagine the possible future from the past. Kingdom of Singapura was created based on facts from the early history, hence the fictional story created in this project allows viewers to push beyond their imagination into imagining an alternative story of Singapore.”



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