Exhib: Cannot be Bo(a)rdered

Speak Cryptic

Bambang Toko (WIP)

Ref Zaini (WIP)

Curated by Iman Ismail, Cannot be Bo(a)ordered is the headlining urban art exhibition of Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2016 which opens on 14 January and runs until 14 February.

(from the press release)

‘Can’t be bothered’ – a phrase of disinterest, that marks a sense of mischievous disregard for authority. Combined, these traits are the definition of youth rebellion, personified in the skateboarder.

Skill, discipline, ambition and creativity in using skateboarding as a personal form of self-expression, has resulted in the sport developing its own distinct language and visual identity, recognised in youth culture as a genre in its own right.

Cannot Be Bo(a)rded is a visual exploration of youth rebellion through skate culture. The exhibition will explore popular 20th century subcultures in new works by 17 artists/collectives from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Using the skateboard as a primary medium, each work will challenge existing stereotypes by reconstructing a new narrative through different creative styles and visual expressions.

Participating Artists:

(Singapore) Asti K, Brandon Tay x Jonning Chng x Safran Johari, Dominic Jacob Clarke, Dyn Starr Galactica, Muhammad Izdi, Ryf Zaini, Speak Cryptic, The Chain Gang, TraseOne, Yasee Poh, Zac Tan and ZERO.

(Indonesia) Bambang Toko and Popok Triwahyudi
(Malaysia) Donald Abraham and Nizam Rahmat



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