Polkaros at K+

Tokyo-based designer Ros Lee creates sweet little vessels that unite Japanese traditional crafts with modern zaikai goods in well-chosen colour palettes. The ceramics sit nicely on an online shop among other lifestyle goodies designed by Ros. But If you want to take a closer look, it’s probably best to pop by her exhibition which runs until February 21 at K+.

Ros: “From an early age, I have been fascinated by art and design. In 2004, I received a three-year National Arts Council scholarship to study art and design in Japan. I majored in Textile Design, learning traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, large-scale silkscreen, weaving, felt and fiber art. After graduation, I continued to live in Japan, first landing a job as Lifestyle Product Designer at Accent Corporation where I was given a chance to create my own line under the name GLEE. In 2011, I took up the mantle of Design Consultant for a New York based cosmetic brand; in the same year, Polkaros was launched.”




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