‘Out of Hand, Out of Mind’ by MessyMsxi

Back in November we heard rumours that MessyMsxi was to show new works at the Substation Gallery. The exhibition, under the title ‘Out of Hand, Out of Mind’, covers unseen works of mixed media organised according to a visual and narrative trope around an in-situ sculptural installation.

(from the press release)

‘Out of Hand, Out of Mind’ has resulted from illustrator MessyMsxi’s instinctive drive of exploring the unfamiliar in terms of medium and display format, and the laying bare of a self-reflexive practice. Just as the title hints at mental clutter and the loss of control, as well as the hand-made arising out of the spontaneity of an idea, this presentation of works – including largely previously unseen drawings, printed matter, hand-made artefact, digital print and animation organised according to a visual and narrative trope related to, and around, an in-situ sculptural installation – reveals the vulnerabilities of the creative process, of being human, yet also the imaginative potentials that often surpass the constraints.

The exhibition runs from 11 through 21 December (12PM–8PM) at Substation Gallery.



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