‘But Mostly I Think Of You’ by Candice Lim

Today we turn to Candice Lim to ask about her debut, But Mostly I Think of You, a book of twelve short stories wonderfully illustrated by MessyMsxi.

Candice: “The book is a collection of some of my short stories I’ve written over the years in my Moleskin notebooks. I wrote them to make sense of a particularly intense emotion, or if I came across a visually captivating image, or if I felt especially moved by an experience.

I’ve always wanted to publish my own book, having been inspired by Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. I love the idea of how a few lines could delight, touch or move readers. especially if they could relate what was written to a little piece of themselves–feel that little tug in their hearts or stirred something deep within.

I started out this journey wanting to have my writings illustrated so as to add another layer or dimension to the reading experience. It wasn’t easy looking for the right illustrator–to look for someone who is not only an expert in the art form but also one who can relate to my writing and feel for the stories. So after a couple of disappointing setbacks, I finally came across MessyMsxi’s artwork and was immediately drawn to the quirkiness and intimacy that come through in her illustrations, and also a sense of polished restraint and refinement. I reached out to her and she asked to read my stories first–if she feels for them then she’ll illustrate for me. So happily she did and she liked them, so I proceeded to commission her to take this on. It was a wonderful experience working with her on my book.

I’m excited and happy that the book is finally released; it feels like a long time coming, probably because I’ve had some of these stories with me for many years. I’m also a little nervous because this book was born out of some deeply personal writings; now they ‘belong’ to the readers, so to speak.”

But Mostly I think of You will be launched on December 3, 7pm at BooksActually.



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