Pickpocket – The Slimmest Pick Holder


Never loose your picks again with Pickpocket, a super slim pick holder conceived by Industrial Designers Kenneth Yip, Grace Ng, Winky Chan and Christoffer Jonsson.

“Some of us play the guitar and we face problems keeping our picks. Many times, we keep them in our wallets but have to go through the pain of searching and digging for them only to find that they are gone. Even though picks often are easily replaceable, it is a real pain to find that you are out of picks, and some of them hold sentimental value that cannot be replaced. Therefore, we felt that a slim pick holder that could give necessary protection, would be the best solution, and designed Pickpocket after much research and prototyping. Precision made of stainless steel, it is a pick holder in the form of a card. With three slots snuggly securing any guitar pick, there is no need to worry about finding or losing them anymore! At 0.5mm thin, Pickpocket is slimmer than an average credit card, adding negligible bulk. Simply insert your picks, store Pickpocket in your wallets and you’re good to go!”

Pickpocket is available on Kickstarter at a basic price of USD$10. The campaign started on November 4 and will run for 30 days.



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