AL, The Fanning Wallet

If you run a quick search on ‘minimal wallets’, the results are overwhelming. One would think there’s only so much you can do with a wallet, but Industrial Design students Lee Han Xi, Lim Jun Jie and Lynn Ho Xin Yi pumped out a design with a ‘fanned’ push mechanism that makes access to your cards and cash quick and easy.

“Yes, you have to press AL to fan its contents out. Not a sideways slide, a true outward fan. This makes accessing your cards and cash so much easier. Forget the fiddly nuts, screws and bolts, AL has no additional mechanisms, so it will never bail on you. Made of two stainless steel plates, a spring steel bend and an inner pouch, AL comes in Steel, Noir and Bronze finishes. The beginnings of AL definitely stems from an industrial designers’ tendency to solve problems. The market was definitely over saturated. However, all of them failed to solve one singular problem … Being so engrossed with the eventual outcome that the wallet had to be slim, they forget the human part of using the wallet – to be user-friendly. Starting from scratch we played around with various mechanisms, sliding, pushing, twisting, flipping … and finally settled on fanning.”

AL is available on Indiegogo for a basic price of USD$29. The campaign will run for 30 days from 1st November 2015.



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