“ART IS WAR” at PURE London

Yahn Adam  (Jewellery Artist), Natalie Tan (Resident Artist at Fox & Hedgehog) and Phyllicia Wang (Photographer) have come together to create a capsule collection around the theme of “censorship”. With their project they would like to maximise public awareness and support for homegrown talents. They are also looking at taking it one step further, and show off their brand at the PURE London tradeshow next February. To do so, they started a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible.

(from the project page)

“Art presents and explores complex issues in life, and at times, challenging ourselves to see new things in new forms. With censorship, it hides the truth. With censorship, it tells us what we shouldn’t see, why we shouldn’t see it and tells us to accept it without questions. This limits artists to express their creativity and also deprives the younger generations, our Nation’s future, from understanding the complex world they live in. The project seeks to question censorship in the arts; a question that lies deep at the heart of a debate which raises fundamental values about just when, and on what grounds, the Government is justified in using its coercive powers to limit the creativity of local talents.The artists have come up with several print designs for the collection which symbolizes the tension between censorship and the freedom of expression of our homegrown talents.”



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