Spotted! Huiyuan Li

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Huiyuan is only a few weeks out of her BA Fine Arts (Visual Communication) course at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media, and today she here to inject some happy colours into your grey brain with her FYP titled D:AMTWOTP, which stands for “Distraction: A Mind That Went Out To Play”.

“D:AMTWOTP presents a range of playful and light-hearted distractions that fit into a fictional workstation. Through diverging user’s attention to seemingly mindless activities, the project intervenes the tendency to constantly seek after a desired outcome (objective). This project hopes to trigger user’s curiosity as a form of motivation through this intervention. Ultimately, it questions existing negative connotations of the word “distraction”, and invites users to rethink their expectation of “distraction”.”

More of Huiyuan’s project can be (and definitely should be) viewed here.



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