Spotted! Jonathan Elijah Wee

Jonathan is a multi-disciplinary designer who only just graduated from NTU School of art design media with a Bachelor of Fine arts (Visual communication). “I believe in the carpe diem mentality and never miss an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Of course, every hero has his downtime, so occasionally, I indulge in being an armchair warrior when the discovery channel is on.”

The featured work, Seasons in Singapore, won him bronze at the 2014 Young Guns International Awards (Student Design category) and was included in issue 31 of the Chois Gallery magazine.

“People have long marked the change in seasons through observance and celebrations. Even though Singapore is a tropical country, the chinese in Singapore still charts the seasons through the chinese almanac and celebrates the seasons through the foods eaten that reflect the changes within nature . The foods eaten corresponds to the seasons and this editorial explores the intimate relationship between foods and season, thus bringing forth the meaning of celebrating the seasons.

This editorial is divided into five major chinese festivals celebrated in Singapore, each chapter with different booklet size casading down from one season to the next, to emulate the idea of a timeline as the 24 chinese seasonal terms are being told. A moon phase icon leads the viewers from the first month to the next while the colours of the seasons guides the viewer through the different chapters of the book. The photos and colours of each chapter are connected to the senses of the seasons, bringing meaning to the design elements in the editorial.

The book also has a calendar attached that allows the viewer to chart and follow these changes. The Calendar measures 30cm (H)x 250cm (L) when unfolded, or it could be tucked behind the book, acting also as a chapter marker for each of the seasons for the book. This serves as a meaningful way to mark the seasons and take note of the changes within the nature around us, thus gives a deeper meaning to celebrating the seasons in Singapore.”



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