Spotted! Tang Ying Hui

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“Calvin and Hobbes and Kampung Boy are two comics that have had a great impact on my work. There’s an affable charm to the characters in the comics and the story at hand, which I hope I am able to convey through my works.” says LASALLE 2D Animation Art  graduate Ying Hui.

“Animating is my main focus though. I tend to animate my characters’ movements in a slightly exaggerated manner when they move a lot, making their actions look wacky with a bit more elasticity to it so that the actions does not look too stiff. Hundreds of images are drawn to make a character move. But, after going through the different steps to animate it till the end, it feels satisfying to see the character finally come to life! That never fails to amaze me. Planning how your character moves gives depth to what personality it holds, which is a fun challenge to do when I animate. Currently, I am trying out animating in 3D. Though I still have a lot to learn, seeing the character model comes to life never fails to motivate me. Animating in both 2D and 3D has been a pleasure, but I definitely have a lot more to learn and hone my skills.”



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