My Bed Is Not Yours by Iffa Khalissa

Iffa Khalissa graduated in 2013 from the Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, with a diploma in Visual Communication. “I majored in graphic design as I had great interest and understanding for typography, print and layout in which lead me to embark on a branding project for a mock bicycle lifestyle store, for my diploma’s final year project.

Attending the BA (Hons) Communication Design course at The Glasgow School of Art Singapore provided Iffa the perfect opportunity to hone her skills. “Being at GSA changed me as I learned to adapt to a new learning environment that pushed me to break the boundaries of my comfort zone in my works”, she continues. ” I also believe that it was my last opportunity to experiment and work on a new skill set, and to understand a different field of art that can still be integrated into what I had already learned.”

Her Final Year Project, entitled “My Bed Is Not Yours”, called for Iffa to explore a skill she hadn’t yet used, and she choose to work on a mixed media installation piece that “still communicates to people instead of being largely abstract like most artworks done in the Fine Arts course.”

“The bed is an object we can relate to. More than just a space to rest from daily toil, the bed is a personal space that is given to us since the day we were born and we will continue to have it for the rest of our lives. As we progress with our lives, the bed also becomes a space that we would share with another – a best friend, a lover, a spouse.

This installation reveals the unconsidered complexities of an everyday object like the bed by exposing the untold dark stories of our innermost thoughts and experiences. This is seen through the installation in the forms of entangled strings bursting though the cracks of the bed that reflects on the daily thought process we go through each night as we lay in bed. The bed sheets where the sketches are drawn on are made of pieces of pillow covers, bolsters and bed sheets that hold special meaning to the people who contributed them to this project. The sketches seen on the mattress and pillows reveal the personal and intimate stories of people’s experiences and thoughts in bed.”



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