Spotted! Nur Khairiani

Meet Nur Khairiani, the next of our GSA Class of 2015  BA (Hons) Communication Design graduates. Khairiani is clearly passionate about illustration and loves to work on conceptual pieces.

About her project: “The title of my FYP is “Dependence”, highlighting the vulnerability and fragility of a child in a situation which is sometimes beyond the control of the adult. The whole idea stems from research on misogyny. Misogyny is a form of mentality which develops at a young age and where often men prejudice against women or even objectify them. This can lead to a dysfunctional family situation. But In reality, every misogynist was once a child. There is no good and evil to this as humans learn to develop over time by growing up in a certain culture and environment. But in every dysfunctional home lies a story and often children are the silent witness, thus my series focuses more on the children. What sets them apart is who the stronger children are which can be a pillar of support to the weaker children.”



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