Spotted! Leon Yeo

Starting today we give you a lowdown on some of the bright young things we spotted at The Glasgow School of Art Singapore Degree Show which opened yesterday at the National Design Centre.

Leon Yeo is a graduating student from the BA, Communication Design program. His FYP “Wisdom. Creation. Design” is a study on the cross relationship between Chinese philosophy, art and graphic design, combining Eastern calligraphy and Western influences such as Jackson Pollock’s famous “drip paintings”.

“Dao” 道 has been accumulated for centuries and remains strong and pertinent to the world today. It is a complex and intriguing philosophy that has many branches and colors. This project is an analysis of the similarities and differences between the principles held in Daoism, Art and Graphic Design. The concepts derived from my research are presented through several examples, including the following design principles from the past to present – Unity, Nature and Wu Wei (The act of non action). The purpose of this project also serve as a bridge, which links concepts of art and graphic design with Daoism and visualizes the main text of “the book of way” and makes this classic literature easier to understand to find new levels of abundance in design solutions. This will allow for young designers to experience the essence of Daosim and experience a new way to approach the design process and understand the potential of good design. Designers may even discover a fresh view attitude in their life and find their own “Dao” known as way of life and own enlightenment.”



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