Spotted! Clara Lim

“I’m Clara. I stand at 149.5cm tall, but the energy in me is something my small frame can hardly contain.”

Meet Clara Lim, a fresh Animation grad from the School of Art, Design and Media (Nanyang Technological University) who is busy finishing up her final year project for international animation festivals. Clara loves the guitar, was a bowling addict for over a decade, but nothing beats her passion for animation …

“There’re so many things to learn about it, like visual development including character design, storyboarding, and the production part of it. And each step requires a lot of thought and work into them. To me, the making of an animated film is more exciting than the film itself. You can see the attributes of the designers, and you can tell who painted or designed a certain background or character. You can see the many ways of how the designers and animators solve problems we would typically face in the process of both pre-production and production of animation. In my work, I like to explore a character’s physical construction and ways of expressing the character’s personality, and the colors and shapes in my backgrounds. In animation, I like finding different ways of making a character move to achieve his purpose, while maintaining a level of fluidity in his actions. It makes me happy when people can empathize with my animation or story. I hope that I can inspire more people to be passionate about animation, or at least be passionate in what they do, and dream big. To me, dreams are one of our best guides to our destination in life, and the journey is a priceless experience.”



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