Graduate Collections by Regina Wee and Nurul Farihin Izzan

The closing collections in our NAFA Graduate Collection special are designed by Regina Wee and Nurul Farihin Izzan.

Regina is a BA (Hons) Fashion and Marketing graduate. The inspiration for her collection comes from outfits worn during China’s Qing Dynasty.  Nurul Farihin Izzan’s collection studies how meat can be manipulated and developed into an Autumn/Winter collection.

We are Sasha Fierce by Regina Wee, BA (Hons) Fashion and Marketing

“The Chinese theme is interpreted in terms of the fit, cut and oriental details by draping. It is also enhanced by the borders and Chinese lines which are rounded and fluid. ‘We are Sasha Fierce’ represents the alter egos of ancient woman.”

IDIOSYNCRATIC by Nurul Farihin Izzan, BA (Hons) Fashion

“I named my collection “IDIOSYNCRATIC”. Different textures, lines and structural forms are developed from numerous ways of manipulating textile and in fabrication. Lines and the endless conjoining of veins on meat intrigued me and prompted me to create different textures using threads, yarns and mesh fringes that give a different consistency or texture in the garments. Lightweight and heavyweight fabrics such as dance mesh; ribbed knits and wool are used for layering. Playing with the associations of different meat cuts such as the ribs, shank, T-bone and steak inspired a variety of oversized silhouettes. The colour palette was drawn from studies of the life-cycle of commercially produced meat, from its rawness all the way to its decomposition. This gave way to shades of red, pink, maroon and brown. Monochromatic hues are also used as neutralizers.”



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