Graduate Collections by Camillia Ow and Angeline Siu

The NAFA graduate collections continue today with work from BA (Hons) Fashion and Marketing classmates Camillia Ow and Angeline Siu.

Like A Queen by Camillia Ow

“The collection created for Spring/Summer is inspired by the late French queen, Marie Antoinette. Known for her bouffant updo and unimaginable hair accessories such as a mini model of a ship, she is considered a fashion icon of her time. The focal point of the garments is the digital graphic print. Because she was beheaded, the prints are mainly different variations of Marie Antoinette’s bleeding head and her signature hairdo. These are accompanied by flirtatious and witty slogans that are pun intended. Details and prints are also inspired by macarons and enhance the collection’s quirkiness and charm. The garments bring to life my vision of what Marie Antoinette would wear in 2016. Bright pastel colours such as peachy pink, salmon pink, pastel violet, white, blue-grey, mint and gold are inspired from the film directed by Sofia Coppola with the protagonist portrayed by Kirsten Dunst.”

Indifference Contract by Angeline Siu

Indifference Contrast is inspired by the emerging sportswear trend. A mixture of sheer and opaque, soft and hard fabrics such as Mesh, Double Knit, Chiffon and Neoprene are used in this collection. The contrasting fabrics are layered and juxtaposed to create a contrasting and distinctive luxury sporty look. White is the dominant colour of the collection, with a hint of blue incorporated into the design of each fashion piece.”



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