The Quiet Voice by Lyn Low


The quiet, the feeble
bounded, bounded,
in endless oceans of space,
turning your voice
to mere whispers
that could not be heard.

The incubus creeps up
as you lean closer to fear.
With blithe disregards,
it stings you.
Once. Twice.
Again and again.

Your forbearance in silence
made my heart ache
a little.

while I prepare a farewell
for you will soon depart.

With beauty and rage,
We wait for the wind
to come take.


A few steps ahead,
you didn’t wait for me none.
I, like you
was heading to the finish line.
you were but too eager
to go.

Perhaps the sun in you had set,
perhaps you were looking for it
with your eyes closed,
inside your head.

Ninety-four seconds, left high and dry
I wondered,
as you wandered
on to the beginning
of the end.

Leaving your all like the shoes left behind;
standing at where you were,
I could catch up
No longer.

Are you at the end?
Or have you found yourself
out on an open road
once more?


I would teach you how to sing
a melody in its own rhythm
I would braid your wandering tress
if only, you let me

I would tell you the stories of a thousand stars
for you can’t see
And I would call you Sophie,
If you don’t mind me.

But Sophie
Oh Sophie,
Why have you gone quiet?
Is this goodbye?

Won’t you let sing
before all cease?
Just a line or two
Before you go
Like Don to Vince
I promise, it won’t take long

“The world is beautiful
and so are you,
but it was never meant
for One like you.”

“The Quiet Voice, Inside is an image based project manifested when I was compelled to contemplate about the meaning of human existence. The project stems from my desire to translate and make sense of my abstract feelings and thoughts for what I had seen previously, that evoked epiphany and consciousness in me. The Quiet Voice, Inside is more importantly a song that sings a melody in its own rhythm, to draw us to a space to ruminate on the duality of life, and celebrate the value of poetic inquiry through one’s soul and consciousness.”

Visual Artist Lyn Low has just graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Imaging & Photography Major) from the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. She is the winner of the Kwek Leng Joo’s Award of Excellence in Still Photography 2015 and her works have been exhibited in group show earlier this year at the Goodman Art Centre, and at the Pingyao International Photography Festival 2014.

Lyn’s Final Year Project consists of six images and six poems.



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