Somewhere Else x GU Capsule Collection



Dharma Bums


Design Studio Somewhere Else‘s range of graphic t-shirts for Japanese retailer GU is out, and the designs are fantastic.

(from the press release)

“Each graphic is distinct and separate from the others, but the cohesive applied colours tie the collection together. The photos used on the shirts are snippets of  founder Yong’s travel photos, chosen to complement the typography, but ultimately left to the shoppers to interpret. Each chosen word and design captures a different facet of the Somewhere Else design studio, and reflects their constant yearning to push forward.”

Further captures Somewhere Else’s attitude about always wanting to move further and beyond the status quo. Raconteur sums up what the studio wishes to be able to do when they’ve arrived somewhere else. Dharma Bums is in reference to Jack Kerouac’s novel about seeking balance in life, which the studio aims to do. Tomorrows is in relation to Somewhere Else’s modus operandi — “anywhere but here and now”.

The unisex t-shirts come in 3 different colour ways and are available online at Nice!



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