Spotted! Marvin Tang

Marvin Tang is a visual artist who uses photography as a tool for investigation. He is currently doing his final year at the School of Arts Design and Media, majoring in Photography and Digital Imaging.

The featured project ‘Reminisce’ documents the factories in the Jurong Industrial Estate.

“In the early sixties Singapore was in need of an economical boost. Therefore, the swampy lands of Jurong was converted into an industrialised ground to increase foreign investor’s interest. Factories quickly rose as by 1968, it found favor in the eyes of investors and soon became an integral part of Singapore’s initial economical boom. Despite its importance in Singapore’s economical history, the Jurong industrial estate is a heavily neglected of its earlier contributions. This body of work was created to bring attention to these isolated yet economically important structures hidden away in a corner of Singapore.”

During the ADM Graduation show, Marvin will be showcasing a new body of work titled “Stateland” where he documents hidden gardens and plantations around Singapore. Nice!



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