Project Plug: A Plane’s Portrait by Malcolm Lu

“Photography has always been a hobby. It was only in the last two years that I started to take it seriously as a possible path to go on. My interest in airplanes on the other hand has been there since I was a kid. My earliest memories were that of my parents bringing me to the airport to look at these magnificent machines from the Viewing Gallery. There was a joy and excitement that I could remember from those outings, and I still see that today in myself and in the people around me when I visit the airport. It was because of these experiences and influences, that I decided to do “A Plane’s Portrait“. The series sets out to capture portraits of airplanes, displaying their beauty, grace, and power through the use of photography and colour mediums. I wanted to show the viewers how airplanes could have the above mentioned qualities, and show these planes to them the way I see them ; sometimes with awe and amazement, others with joy and remembrance, dwelling into my fascination of these metal flying beings.” – Malcolm Lu.



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