Spotted! Cai Weijie

We don’t feature enough Product Design here on Culturepush – I know – but we pretty much have to wait for student work to pop up in our news feed around graduation time. So please folks – get your work out there and email us!

Today we would like you to meet Cai Weijie who will be graduating from Product Design at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) this May. We asked him about his final year work (top image) and here goes: “The art of Photography and the practices of its craft encourage the understanding of the relationship between the Object and Subject. Through alternative photographic processes, photographers explore various experimental methods and mediums in the making of images. This project aims to enrich the senses through a versatile photographic system which allows the user to switch between historical and contemporary practices. As such, it expands the photography experiences which are fading from today’s societal practices with digital technology as tools change the way we engage with the subject.”

You can sniff out Weijie’s project at the ADM Grad show which opens on 8 May and runs through the 17th. Watch their FB page for details.



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