Random Blends 2015 : Inter (_____)

Scrap Snag by Lim Ying Hao Vincent, Darius Foo Tsien Wei, Janell Tan Shi En and Lee Gim Koon.
With the efficient government taking over the role of recycling old items and keeping the city clean, Karang-Guni men increasingly face difficulties in sustaining their livelihoods. Scrap Snag is an interactive role-playing game that allows players to compete against “government personnel” by bringing recyclable ideas back to the “central recycle station” under a time limit.

The Loneley Flag by Ng Kwok Yang Paul
The Lonely Flag is a short excerpt that seeks to reflect the changing attitudes of Singaporeans towards the displaying of the national flag during National Day. In recent years, there has been a declining trend in the number of households who exhibit their flags during National Day. In scrutinising this trend, the author hopes to challenge readers to contemplate the significance of displaying the flag, and questions if this overt display is indeed nothing but a meaningless ritual.

Mini-ons of Manhattan by Jeremy Chan, Joshua Wong and Yap Yoke Ling
Mini-ons of Manhattan is a light-hearted and engaging spoof using humour to critique and poke fun of the commonly-used tropes found in Hollywood movies, specifically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The tongue-in-cheek language and drawing, alongside the less-than-serious script, are the fundamental building blocks of the sequential art piece, and the piece is meant to entertain, according to its creators.

World Poverty Map by Goh Raphael
World poverty remains one of the biggest threats facing humanity in the modern day. This infographic sheds light on the different levels of poverty faced around the world, and shows how trends in different regions have changed over time. At the same time, it challenges readers to relook the global rich-poor gap and question if more can in fact be done to bridge the existing gulf.


Next Saturday will see the opening of Random Blends 2015,  the National University of Singapore’s annual Communications and New Media (CNM) student showcase. In conjunction with SG50 and NUS110, this year’s exhibition celebrates kampong nostalgia and technological innovation.

“The artwork revolves around the theme “Inter (_____)”, which focuses on audience interactivity and meaning making. Exhibits include games, application prototypes, infographics, comics and photograph series. Alongside art pieces contemplating Singapore’s past, present and future, the exhibition will also feature prototypes incorporating interactive new technology such as Google Cardboard, a virtual augmented reality tool, and iBeacon estimotes, exciting location-aware mobile technology.”

Random Blends opens on 4 April and runs until 6 April at the ArtScience Museum.



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