Spotted! Grace Kwan

Something modern, something playful, something utilitarian and something made completely by hand, that is what Grace Kwan creates for her label GSEWS. Grace went to Architecture school but her interests have always meandered around her creative endeavors. She took a leap and dropped out of school after two and a half years to throw everything into the making of customisable bags. “The most crucial thing was that I could design without submitting to the likes of others, which was the case in architecture school. Now, I get a sense of fulfillment every time customers get back to me and let me know how much they love their items.”

GSEWS started out as a carousell account selling ready-made tote bags. “Soon it grew into a made-to-order business when customers started to ask for different features on their tote bags, straps of different lengths, more inner pockets, etc. I built my website as a tool to ease the hassle and inherent complications of customisation because certainly not everyone is a visual animal who can picture what things look like together in their mind.”

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