Spotted! Faris Nakamura

“Memories are motionless, and the more securely they are fixed in space, the sounder they are.”
The Poetics of Space.

Faris Nakamura is a flautist with the Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra. Other than his obsession with music, he is also very passionate about art. From paintings and drawings channeling his love for nature, to sculptures and installation expressing his interest in architecture, Faris’s work is as fascinating as it is varied.

Between Places is based on the floor plans of four out of the many homes Faris has lived in. “The structure of these houses has been simplified to enhance the fact that they hold no nostalgia for the artist anymore and that there are now simply a space consisting of vertical and horizontal planes. The only way these constructed houses can viewed is through the clear portion of an erected structure that resembles the housing buildings in Singapore. I want to make the viewer feel like an outsider looking into a personal and private space. Light is used to shape and demarcate the area of the house and is projected from the top, as though the house is under forensic investigation.”

Faris about our relationship with place: “We all need a place that we can call our own. A place that is a space of freedom and that helps build individualism in us. We will only feel most comfortable in that place and that place alone. This occurs, as described by Henri Lefebvre, because each living body is space and has its space: it produces itself in space and it also produces that space. Through that process, we project ourselves onto places and become inscribed there. Our self-deployment onto places makes us inseparable from it and we fear that losing these places might also mean losing a part of ourselves. We claim places to extend and solidify our personal space. The claimed place then holds our childhood memories, dreams and it becomes greatly nostalgic. However, it might not necessarily always be the case, especially for people who do not live in the same house they grew up in, or who have been constantly moving from one place to another. The process of inscribing themselves onto places gradually becomes looser from one place to the next, stretching nostalgia thin. And to an extreme extend the elimination of nostalgia completely. Places then reverts back to being just a place; a space of vertical and horizontal planes.”



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