Leonard Yang’s Requiem’s Imprint at The Mill

Leonard Yang is studying for a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging at the School of Art, Design, and Media (ADM), but his works are already filling a wall at The Mill as part of the Destruction & Rebirth exhibition. Opening today, the event brings together a busload of local and international artists, collectives, musicians and DJ’s who will spend the next two weeks entertaining you.

After spotting Leonard’s work, we tracked him down and asked him about Requiem’s Imprint. “Where do buildings go to after they are torn down and demolished? Requiem’s Imprint is an imaginary graveyard for soon-to-be-gone buildings composed using landscapes and vernacular architecture gathered from Bukit Brown, Tiong Bahru, and Dakota estates. Requiem’s imprint encourages the audience to draw parallels between the fleeting, whimsical, serendipitous and illusory characteristics associated with the popular use of multiple photographic exposures and the reality of the subtle yet steady disappearance of Singapore’s heritage sites and buildings.”

The Mill x WeJungle: DESTRUCTION & REBIRTH is at The Mill until 14 February.



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