Two Worlds; One Fantasy by Jaxton Su

“Through my works, I hope to create a visual utopia that transcends reality and results in a psychological impact in the audience, such as sparking an imagination or encouraging them to think about a particular issue.”

The works of visual artist Jaxton Su are saturated with fantasy world references and hyper coloured oil. In terms of narrative, Jaxton likes to play around and incorporate strange elements and daily objects into his work, inviting us into landscapes where pigs can fly, rabbits hop mooncakes and an elephant stirs up a storm in a teacup jacuzzi.

Opening this Saturday at Blue Lotus Fine Art is his first solo show, Two Worlds; One Fantasy.

Jaxton: “Everyone has the capacity to build castles in the air. In fact, a bit of daydreaming can actually enhance wellness, happiness and pave the way for creativity to flourish in our fast-moving technological era. Two Worlds; One Fantasy therefore invites the audience to view life through a visual utopia and in the process, encouraging them to take a short break from their daily routine to start fantasizing about what-ifs, as they did in their younger days.

The exhibition latches on the preliminary idea of having a child explore her imagination through various pieces of artwork, while the adult artist tries to re-imagine them and in the process, injecting his own fantasies into his rendition of the artworks. Through the exhibition, viewers will be able to fuel their imagination as they are taken on a wondrous journey through the contrasting fantasy worlds of both young and old.”



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