TRANSMISSION: Visions & Memories

(from the press release)

An experimental incubatory platform organized by PHUNK for young creatives, the latest edition of TRANSMISSION comprises of eight young apprentices from varying creative disciplines and backgrounds, under the mentorship of PHUNK over the period of eight months.

Focused on the apprentices’ work development and showcase, TRANSMISSION: Visions & Memories collectively explores the idea of visions and it’s universal basis of memories. Intangible with the likes of human kind, it has long lived through fables and fiction; All whilst lining the pockets of history and psychoanalysis. Intimate imprints unique to each human being, they are ever changing within the depth of the brain. Enter it’s complex unmapped chaos, documented in a showcase of design, illustration, installation, sculpture and video art.

In the early stages, the eight apprentices were brought together to experience the process of art making, through assisting with the production of works by PHUNK for their substation exhibition, Daydreams & Nightmares. The process of art making bonded them, their hours spent over the pieces helping them find common points that they shared in their present lives, a predilection that helped gave birth to their own exhibition thematics.

“TRANSMISSION is an opportunity for PHUNK to share our experiences and knowledge to the young creative talents, to help nurture and foster their personal growth as an artist.” Jackson, one of the founders of Phunk shared. Aside from assisting the apprentices with their creative development, the program has also exposed the apprentices to real in-industry situations, with PHUNK providing professional knowledge and guiding them and giving them on the process of handling their exhibition’s execution, planning, funding and curation.

Their responsibilities are divided and managed carefully whilst still functioning as a team, all this being in conjunction with the handling their own individual works. “It is something very much built from the ground up,” said Ben when asked to summarize his learning experience. “The process is something that most of us have never done or have little experience in, we’ve benefited a lot from the learning experience.” Izzy, another young apprentice, mused in agreement.

The learning process has been extremely enjoyable for the apprentices. “Aside from getting to meet and learn directly from the mentors, we are able to get a myriad of valuable feedback and advice from different perspectives” Yingxian shared, “Something that not just any collective banding can provide.”

This year, Transmission sets itself apart differently from it’s predecessors, with it’s eight aspiring young talents banding together to share their passion for visual narration and image making. Their individual takes on the transcending topic forming an intense amalgamation of visual styles and mediums waiting to be experienced.

Featured Apprentices & Collaborators are : Ang Ying Xian, Benjamin Tan Zhe, Hao Donna Fonx, Izzy Tan, Jonathan Lim, Odelia Tang, Saraphina Ching and Tan Chun Yong.

The exhibition opens January 16 (7:30pm to 11:00pm) and runs through January 22 at PHUNK, 118-8 Tanjong Katong Rd. Opening hours: Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) 2:00pm to 8:00pm. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 1:00pm to 8:00pm.



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