Spotted! Rifqi Amirul

Rifqi Amirul is a visual artist with a diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from LASALLE, College of the Arts. “Being able to work in various art disciplines, my works challenge the boundaries of traditional and the contemporary mediums and techniques. Blurring the lines of meaning and symbolism, my works hover between the abstract and representational. My methodology is to constantly push the boundaries of the visual language through various materials and technical ability but also to seek an understanding of communicating with the conditions and environment around me.”

Rifqi’s current body of work explores aspects of displacement and being, especially issues dealing with migration, cultural displacements and suburban and intercultural politics. This was also the topic of  his Graduation show project titled “Patoh”. “It was based on my experience of living across the Causeway for 3 years while schooling in Singapore. Patoh derives from the Malay word Patuh which means to comply or to obey. Patoh relates to the experience of cross-border commuting and migration in terms of complying with immigration authorities between the borders of Singapore and Malaysia. In observing power structures and infra structures from the experience of cross-border commuting between both countries, Patoh explores on the emotional capacity of being a transnational commuter. Patoh is an observation on the social differences and its structure between two countries, questioning the notions of belonging and the familiarity in unfamiliarity. “

Rifqi also showcased his work at the 2014 The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side Winston Oh Travel Award Exhibition. This allowed him to travel to an Asian destination of his choice -Indonesia- and create a body of work inspired by his trip. “I was mainly inspired by displacement and familiarity in a foreign land touching on aspects of my Javanese identity, cultural Diaspora and spirituality. Also, the use of symbolism and religious objects were a key element in the exhibition as it deals with the notion of sublimity and the perimeters of religion.”



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