Caracal drops second album!

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(from the press release)

Earlier this month, post-hardcore/alternative rock band Caracal released the music video of the lead single and title track off its new studio LP ‘Welcome The Ironists’. The single is a blistering opener that showcases the band’s trademark riotous guitars and powerful vocals over hard-hitting drums.

The title track is also the first of 10 songs that unfold over a well-paced mix of fast, aggressive numbers and stomping slow-burners, telling a gritty story of hard lessons and tempered hope.

With this second full-length effort, the band has managed to capture on record the essence of its live displays – sweat-drenched, ferocious and emotionally-draining – a trademark that has won them a deeply loyal fanbase across Asia and beyond. Packed with colossal riffs, catchy melodies and epic choruses, ‘Welcome The Ironists’ aims to reach out to listeners of Thrice, Norma Jean, Brand New, Envy On The Coast and Foo Fighters.

God Damn Tree is a dirty number with an expertly conducted loud-soft dynamic, that prods menacingly along in the vein of Brand New, while shreds of Refused can be heard in the riotous call-to-arms anthem Entrepreneur. Naga is a slow-burning monster of a track, laid in A# tuning with a host of memorable guitar lines and riffs, before a group chorus erupts into an instrumental catharsis.

‘Welcome The Ironists’ will be available on CD, Vinyl, iTunes and all digital stores worldwide from 18 December.



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