Redeemed by Esther Teo

“After constant struggles of communication what lies beyond face value, I found photography as my primary medium for expression. The captured frame could be constructed, manipulated and captured at different levels which worked in a similar fashion to my thoughts. Hence, my works are often abstract with multidimensional meanings and should not be read literally. This process allowed me to discover a dimension beyond the perimeters of myself, where my ideas could be submitted unto a spiritual relationship.”- Esther Teo Wan Ling.

Esther is studying for her BFA at Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media. The featured work started off as an exploration of the etymology of the word Redeem. Esther explains: “It comes from the Greek word Lytroo which means “To release on receipt of ransom”. However, when redeem is used now, it is often referred to redeeming one’s food vouchers, parking coupons or prizes. I was interested in the vast down play of the value of the word: from something so priceless to something so common and cheap. Hence, I juxtaposed the human body signifying priceless life with the cheap food items. Furthermore, the different images document portions of the human life that we often struggle with but I believe we have been redeemed from.”



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