STACK Black Slate by A.K.A. Wayward

“At STACK, we get our hands dirty, every piece is handcrafted and no one piece is the same.”

Mun Foong, a graphics manipulator by craft, applies her design skills to accessories under the label A.K.A. Wayward. Handcrafted barbell and binding screw bracelets, snap hook wraps and tribal necklaces round out the label’s 2014/15 STACK Black slate offerings, all of which are available here.

“In the mid 14 century, the Old French Term ‘esclat’ connotes ‘spilt piece, splinter’ or also from the notion of being easily altered or erased. The phrases “clean slate” and “blank slate” come from this usage. We were really inspired by this metamorphic rock mineral and created a collection that stayed true to its nature. Every piece was inspired by the materials itself and it spoke to us how it wanted to be made … No one piece is the same as they are still lovingly handcrafted in our studio.”



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