Spotted! Phyllicia Wang

I came across Phyllicia Wang‘s work on the ipa website and I was immediately drawn to her FUSE series, an exploration on the notion of fear where Phyllicia uses photography as a mirror, an introspective narrative …

About the series: “The level of the mind’s manipulative capability is almost boundless, which could adversely affect a person’s ability to function. Sometimes fear can make you feel you are connected to reality only by a thin thread. Once the barrier (to sustain sanity) has been broken, the space of reality and the mental start to merge into one. The photographic inner contained spaces serve to reflect the psychological state of mind, judgement and behavior when the human mind does not have the ability to differentiate physical rational space and disorientated psychological space. A visual representation of an idiom, “calm before the storm”, a period of peace before disturbance or crisis, an unnatural or false calm before a storm. Here, the idea of space is being fetishized, functioning as a doorway to an alternate dimension. Works of metaphorical romanticism – the portrayed contained spaces ultimately would then serve as an equivalent of the artist’s perceived psychological activities in the human brain when in fear – trying to photograph the outside which is equivalent to the inside.”

Phyllicia picked up photography at age 17, influenced by commercial photography and photojournalism. Fast forward 2012, she points her lens at contemporary modern landscapes.”My new work is a mix of photography and a certain level of digital manipulation. I am working around the idea of equivalence in photography, a term coined by Alfred Stieglitz whose works move beyond transcription without abandoning verisimilitude. That is my final aspiration.”

Phyllicia will be exhibiting four works from the FUSE series at ARTrium@MCI from November 20 through November 25 together with 47 other artist from Southeast Asia. Check it out!



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