Andy Lim’s Mnemonics Kit

The Undergraduate Awards has become one of the most anticipated international academic award programs and Andy Lim‘s  Mnemonics Kit just won him the International award in the Design Category. His paper examines how mnemonics can be applied effectively to aid the transfer of information to long-term memory.

Andy: “How often do we remember the details of a movie we just watched? How many things can you remember after stepping out from long hours
 of lecture? These were the questions that inspired me to work on a project that aims to address the issue on our inability to store as much information as we would like to. Mnemonics is a useful memory device that aids information retention yet not many people understand its applications. The aim is achieved through a book that introduces the mnemonics principles and techniques and a memory booster kit, designed for students, to facilitate their learning process.”

Andy is a final year Visual Communications undergrad from the School of Art, Design, and Media at Nanyang Technological University who one day hopes to start his own line of apparel as a graphic design entrepreneur.

One to keep an eye on!



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