Movement. Art by Chow Chee Yong & Yang Jie

(from the press release)

Movement is an exhibition which showcases two local artists. Featuring the photographic series ‘Light Trails’ by renowned photographer, Chow Chee Yong, and installations by up and coming conceptual installation artist Yang Jie, entitled ‘Pendulamp’ and ‘Astrolabe’. Brought together for the first time, their works create a contemplative and whimsical environment. Chow Chee Yong’s documentation of the lives of inanimate objects in the night is both quiet and stark, capturing the movement of cranes, slowly painting the night sky. Yang Jie’s Installation pieces prompt you to interact with them, reacting to every touch. His work reminds us of the never ending movements in the world around us, and how we play a part in it.

The exhibition opens on 26 September and runs till 8 October. Venue: Canvas Singapore, 20 Upper Circular Road – The Riverwalk #B1-01/06.



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