Architectural Decoration: Negotiating Symbols Across Time & Place

I don’t think it’d be an exaggeration to claim that I was bowled over when Basheer posted these images on their Facebook page. And when you come across something truly special, it deserves digging a little deeper.

Multidisciplinary designer Jesvin Yeo is responsible for this  beautifully constructed ‘architectural decoration’ which just won her the Red Dot award in the category of Communication Design. Here is Jesvin on her project.

“This special publication is an introductory book to the symbolic images of Hokkien architectural-style temples. This book combines illustrations and incisive write-up about particular symbols with representative images from three century-old temples built from 1800s to 1900s. Each  write-up explains the meaning and mythology behind the symbolic images, as well as the setting and the materials of these symbolic images.

To enhance the value of these cultural images as they display our ancestor’s expectations and pursuits of beautiful things, this book is deliberately made in the format of traditional bamboo scroll, which allows for the depiction of a continuous narrative: the viewing is a progression through time and space.

This book aims to serves as a platform for better understanding of culture material and to stimulate interest of the younger generations. This book uses 225 bamboo strips and is the longest bamboo scroll book in Singapore, measuring 4.35 meter long. Due to the handwork, each book took about 5 days to finish. This bamboo scroll book is a combination of both new technology and old material; where past and present are in continuous dialogue.”

Architectural Decoration: Negotiating Symbols Across Time & Place is available in limited edition, so if you want one you’d best pop by Basheer Graphic Books at once.



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