Self-Weave by Rayne Wong

“When we are in one definitive state of being, the world falls into place – we know precisely who we are and what we are striving towards. Unfortunately, this sense of self-recognition and self-consciousness and self-worth does not retain itself for long: as human beings, we are in constant flux. When we are shifting between emotional states – what are we, precisely? In our moments of indefinability, do we cease to exist as singular souls? Self-Weave thus attempts to recreate this moment of dissolution and reconsolidation of our emotional identities.”

Meet Rayne Wong is a Visual Communication student at the School of Art, Design and Media.  The TAP apprentice talks us through the process of creating Self-Weave under the mentorship of Andy Yang.

“Through knitting, I hope to convey the idea that Self-Weave is a work-of-process. Our emotional identities take years – even whole lifetimes – to stabilize, and it never really does solidify into a single structural form. Knitted fishing line brings about an organic fluidity, and asserts its own presence despite its visual delicacy. It alluded to the idea of our loss of identity being a material nothingness while still posing as an insurmountable emotional barrier, and thus appealed to me from the very start.”




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