Inner World Outer World by Lisa Lee

Opening tomorrow at 8Q is The Noise Singapore Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition, showcasing original works produced by the TAP apprentices under supervision of their mentors. This year, 51 apprentices were guided by 22 established practitioners in art, design, illustration, photography and moving images, in a four-month long mentorship.

We invite you to take a look at Inner World Outer World by Lisa Lee, an apprentice mentored by Eeshaun.

“The given theme for this work was “In Transit”. For me, that translates as the transit between birth and death – what lies in the middle – is life. Everything in life is interconnected. The circle of life, also known as the web of life. My work represents the two worlds that reside in each conscious being. Our personal, hidden, inner world, and the outer world that we project onto society. Change is necessary, growth is optional. For me, change and growth are both integral parts of being human. In Hindu mythology, nagas, or giant mythical snakes, represent change, like how snakes shed their skin and grow a new one. In Chinese and Hindu myth, the lotus represents overcoming difficulties, despite unfavorable backgrounds, like how the lotus flower rises above the muddy water and blooms in a beautiful way. These two elements, the lotus and the naga, combined together represent something for me – rising from a difficult background, shedding the old skin of the past, formulating a new skin and blooming despite adversity. This is the “Inner World”, something personal and hidden. The “Outer World” is represented by intricate golden mandalas, which means the universe is interconnected, in harmony, in balance. The web of life. Outward projection of happiness, change, growth. Markers of planetary changes, like cloud patterns, solar patterns, moon phases, bird migrations, the burning of a cigarette stick, the definite relationship of predator and prey.”

Noise Singapore 2014 – The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) Exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until 7 September at SAM at 8Q (8 Queen Street). Admission is free.



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