Project Plug: Invisible Stickers by Edmund Wee

Invisible Stickers is my Final Year Project which allows people to express themselves at a certain place. These expressions are called ‘stickers’ and are geo-tagged to a location. Users can ‘paste’ a ‘sticker’ at their current location or discover other ‘stickers’ nearby via the website. The concept of this application comes from the idea that a journey plays an important part in man’s life. Such a journey exists in different forms such as a pilgrimage, exploration, an adventure or even a daily routine to school or work; hence people view the entire life itself as a journey. On a journey, people like to leave marks of presence – such as graffiti, “I was here”, tying padlocks at tourist destinations or writing in a guest book. All these actions mark our presence at a place. Similarly, Invisible Stickers lets you leave your traces everywhere around the world digitally. You can leave behind your footprints, expressions, ideas, posters, tips or even secret messages at a location.” – Edmund Wee.

Edmund is an undergraduate from the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University. He majored in Interactive Media and is passionate about the Internet and Interactive art.



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