Lokal Heroes, just for one day

Maria Maria, Uncle Jagah, Mr Politico, Karung Guni and Brudder Gopi. These are the Lokal Heroes created by Splash Productions in collaboration with street art collective The Terror Troopers and toymakers Mighty Jaxx in conjunction with Singapore’s 49th National Day celebrations. The  limited edition 3D figurines pay tribute to the all-too-familiar yet largely underrated characters we see around us.

“Like it or not, these people have become an integral part of Singapore fast-changing profile; hardworking people who rarely get acknowledged for their part in keeping Singapore running. Real people from a diverse range of occupations. Men and women who despite being alienated, unappreciated or just plain ignored, have become part of our local landscape.”

The Lokal Heroes will be launched on 8 August from 6:30pm onwards at Lowercase, Lasalle College of the Arts. Besides unveiling the figurines series,  various artists from the industry have been invited to showcase their own interpretations of the Lokal Heroes at the Lokal Heroes Showcase.



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