Jun Yi Clarence’s Gender F*ck

“I aim to use design to communicate visually and harness the potential impact it may have on society level. I have always tried to use unorthodox methods in achieving the message I wanted to bring across not just with words but with visually powerful imagery.”

Enter the world of Jun Yi Clarence, a graduate from the BA (Hons) Communication Design course at the Glasgow School of Art. For his degree, Clarence created an androgynous child bust using 3D software.

“I used the child bust as a container to hold my perspective on how media have influenced us on gender stereotyping. It is a simple idea that allows me to express my thoughts and fulfill my goal of creating shocking/intriguing imagery. Sometimes we forget that because we live in a world where the media pulls us from the womb, nurses us, and teaches us who we are. “Women being objectified in advertisement”, “Smoke Marlboro to be cool”. Our children are the ones being oppressed and made to suffer the grave consequences … think suicide, low esteem, self-doubt, bullying etc to name a few.

In today’s world, the capitalist predatory influence of media assault the gender notion of children where they are tainted with gender ideologies defined not by choice. Only by challenging the expectation of the society, we could enable people to be more than just emblems of their genitals. The end of binary gender isn’t the abolition of the masculine or feminine. Rather, it is the abolition of the gender tyranny that would divide us into armed camps.”




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