Ouroboros by Koh Liang Jiang

We’re incredibly glad we came across these astonishingly detailed drawings from NAFA Fine Art graduate Koh Liang Jiang. We zoomed in on various sections of the drawing to show you the insane amount of detail that went into it. Now gaze at them, open-mouthed, just like we did.

“Lines are what make up my view of the world, be it from outlines to textures, I liken everything in existence to be woven together with thin fibers. I see my art pieces as an array of objects that has been given form through my careful and intricate knitting of ink lines. I rely on the common curiosity to incite desire for closer examination of my complex drawings, to reach a certain simple truth on how everything share the same building blocks.

My work possesses an inclination towards the environment, often concerning the progress of mankind and his unquenchable lust for more control over Mother Earth. More often than not, I would employ the use of a fantasy-dreamscape inspired setting to depict how futile and meager mankind attempts at overcoming nature truly are.

My influences are mostly legends and stories from ancient mythology, where I often ironically find very similar themes to the modern-day society. Humanity’s vast history was recorded in ink, and as the saying goes “the pen is mightier than the sword”; I hope to do my own part in contributing to the telling of the stories of our generation through my art.”



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