C Is For … by Ethan Chan

Ethan Chan absolutely adores his cat and he decided to spill his love for his fluffy friend out on to paper and into a journal filled with witty, minimalist drawings.

Ethan: “It can be your personal journal. It can be a place where you candidly scribble notes in. It can be a memory keeper. Whatever you want it to be, it’ll be. Add on to my drawings if you want, it is really up to you!”

Who is Ethan Chan? First of all, he’s the youngest creative we’ve featured so far (born in 1999). From the press release we found out that he grew up in a creative environment and he is studying at Saint Joseph’s Institution. Oh, and his cat’s name is Snowball. Meow!

C Is For …. is available at BooksActually, Kinokuniya and CINQ Studio at Scotts Square.

  • Aunty Jess

    Love the book! Kudos to Ethan.

  • Gabby

    Love the book a lot! Super creative, very unique, witty and adorable drawings by such a young artist. Really unleashes your creativity as well when you can pen down your thoughts, draw and doodle in this cool book which comes with a spine in different colours you can choose from! Pure talent. Good job Ethan! :)


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