Spotted! Samantha Seah

Samantha Seah is a LASALLE graduate BA(hons) Animation Art who likes to venture into 2D animation and illustration. “I like reading and exploring various mediums to tell stories. I aspire to become a traveling artist, going around the world, smoking, thinking, learning and experiencing life.”

The first series of works is a charming rendition of American poet’s Ogden Nash’s The People Upstairs. “I like the humour of the poem and I try to portray that in my illustrations by contrasting two different lifestyles. Personally, I like to live alone. Better able to do what I want to do. No distractions, complications, drama, etc. But we’re social creatures, we enjoy companionship.”

Not only a talented illustrator, Sam also created an animated short film with her partner, Lee Min Ji. “I enjoy designing environments and I consider them as a character as well.  They have their own stories and an environment can reveal a lot about a person. Mr Unfortunate is set in a city in Asia where it is busy and claustrophobic. I got my references mostly from Singapore and Japan.”

What’s next Sam?



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