Spotted! Hong Guoyao

We came across Hong Guoyao‘s work a couple of weeks ago when gazing at the cyberweb in search of fresh grads. Having received his degree in 2013, he’s got a pretty impressive portfolio already, and we couldn’t help but feel that he’s definitely one to watch. We did some quick digging around for more information about the lad and found this bio on his website.

“Hong Guoyao is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across diverse mediums of photography, performance art and video. His artworks are often evocative meditations on the fractious relationship between human nature and nature at large. Inspired by personal experiences and recollections, his practice explores various manifestations of dualisms in life, be it salvation and destruction, permanence and transience or affiliation and dislocation. A graduate of Digital Imaging and Photography at Nanyang Technological University, he has showcased his works on local and international platforms including 2902 Gallery (Singapore), photo festivals at Pingyao and Lishui (China) and the Angel Orensanz Foundation Gallery (USA).”

His DUAL project captured our imagination, and here’s the description: “Fraught with tension and drama, DUAL is a photographic imagination of a standoff between man and nature – a culmination of centuries of worldly struggle between both entities. While earth appears to be the sacrificial lamb in man’s relentless drive towards development, there is no clear sign of who is gaining the upper hand in this uneasy conflict. Most evident, is perhaps man’s dual role as an aggravator and savior of our ailing environment. The work also stems from a personal struggle in striking a balance between an urban lifestyle and environmental conservation. Can photography help reconcile this standoff without our planet having to die? What kind of world do we want to live in?”

May we suggest you peruse through the rest of his portfolio? Thank you.



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