Project Plug: Peta Singapura

Lee Xin Li‘s hand drawn maps left us wide-eyed when we first saw them on Facebook, so we dropped him a line to find out more …

“I have always seen maps as a form of self-exploration and journaling, perhaps the aesthetics was in part influenced by my childhood days of going through those Finding Waldo books by Martin Handford. The impetus for the Singapore map begun with a sketch map I did of my Europe trip in May while I was on the flight back. Then I thought, “Why don’t I do one of Singapore as well?” and it was something I wanted to do before. A friend of mine thought there is probably nothing much to draw for Singapore compared to Europe but along the way, as I recall my memories in some of the places in Singapore such as Pulau Tekong or Neo Tiew and look up at the many towns and islands in Singapore, I discover hidden architectural gems, hidden wildlife and the histories of these places. The result is a journalistic, map that provides a channel for me to learn more about my homeland which has been a meaningful experience and I hope people would enjoy exploring Singapore through the map as much as I do.”

Disclaimer: Not drawn to scale. The map is not meant for geographical or navigational use!



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